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Consultations on Sustainable Mobility Plan of the City of Québec (September 2010)
Bike path on the boulevard Pierre-Bertrand (October 2009)
Convergence Bike September 19 (September 2009)
Campaign "Quebec on ??the move" (May 2009)
Public Consultations: live and move in Quebec (May 2009)
Green-Blue-White Plan: Public Consultation on May 12 (May 2009)
A bike shop self-service for the university community (April 2009)

2200 citizens support the bike path on Boulevard René-Lévesque (March 2009)

Before it derails! The bike citizen action (February 2009)
Support for the bike path project on René-Lévesque Boulevard (November 2008)
Demonstration of the 400 wheels for cycling in Quebec City (26 September 2008)
Counting of cyclists on the east-west axes ( September 11, 2008)
Plan of the cycling network of the City of Québec (November 2007)
Opposition to the project to turn right on red (RTOR) in Quebec City (2002)
Accessibility to bike paths and green road (2002)
Park Jacques-Cartier beach of Ste-Foy / Quebec (2002)
The Quebec Bridge (2002)



Promo-Bike ran for public consultation from 21 to 28 September and presented its brief at the public hearings on 6 October 2010.

The brief is available on request. Email us at infos@promo-velo.org .

Consult the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the City of Québec proposed in June 2010.



"The administration wants to send Labeaume cyclists ride in the middle of traffic. And it ensures that, far from being dangerous, the idea of implementing a cycle path in the center of the boulevard is the safest."
article Pierre-André Normandin, LeSoleil

To Promo-Bike, the fact of creating facilities for the bike on this route is good news. The important thing is to ensure the smooth flow of cyclists, they do not have to slow to 10 places where the trail will cross the path of motorists.

view the full article


CONVERGENCE BIKE Saturday, September 19
Give a boost to cycling in Quebec City!


For the occasion, a crowd of cyclists gathered Saturday noon Place D'Youville. From the four corners of the city, they have put their mark on a map of the area, so to show their thumbs up cycling to Quebec. Many activities were offered to the participants: entertainment, music, contests and challenges cyclists were met successfully! Thank you all for your presence and your support!


As part of the 18th Week of Sustainable Transportation (STCA), Promo-Bike organiseme a unique event in Quebec City.

Cyclists in the region of Quebec, the invitation is you! From 11:30 to 13:30, a multitude of activities will be offered to participants free to Bouffe first come, Music, Information stand Bike, Competition, Challenge with NRJ and Sport Olympe, 1 bike and participation prizes!

Upon arrival, you can put your thumb print on a giant map of the Region to materialize your support and thus give a boost to cycling in Quebec City!

Come picnic with your families, friends and colleagues and give your support to the bike: Regroup in your neighborhoods and come in large numbers!

Hundreds of bikes, a voice, make it part!




Campaign "Quebec on the move" Top

Their advantage: sustainable mobility through different means

Planning human scale
Prioritize active transportation (walking and cycling), quality public spaces. Effective Public transit throughout the city Serving throughout the city with a group dedicated transport (Tramway and Busway), high frequency circulating all day. Sustainable Transport in the heart of urban development Having the reflex "sustainable transport" in the way we build and rebuild the city.

The bike is also an integral part of the concerns of Quebec on ??the move:
"The bike must be recognized as a full conveyance For connecting the north to the south as the high to the low city, a continuous utility network is required. .

Priorities in Quebec:
* Develop a continuous utility network.
* Increase in proper bike racks close to shops and services.
* Implement a bicycle system self-service. "

To share your ideas, learn about the positions and keep you inform, visit www.quebecenmouvement.com .


Public Consultations: Living and moving to Quebec Top

August 31, 2009

Last minute to participate in the consultation Living and move to Quebec! To claim your cycling point of view on the future of Quebec, fill in the questionaire in Word format ( click here ) before returning by email ( @ consultations city .quebec.qc.ca ).


May 22, 2009

Quebec City held next week an information and exchange tour on the theme "Living and move to Quebec." This exercise aims to hear the views of citizens on issues surrounding sustainable mobility. This is the opportunity to speak and show your support for public and active transportation. Present projects that are important to you: more public transit, streetcar, bicycle paths, attractive prices? Four sessions will be held by the city, the Mayor of Quebec and working committee on sustainable mobility: - Monday, May 25, 19 am to 22 pm: Office borough of Sainte-Foy-Sillery 1130 Church Road? - Thursday, May 28, 19 am to 22 pm: Office borough of La Haute-Saint-Charles 305? Rue Racine - Saturday, May 30 9 am to 12 pm: Community Centre Lucien-Borne 100, chemin Sainte-Foy - Saturday, May 30, 13: 30 am to 16 hours 30: Cégep Limoilou (Charlesbourg campus) 7600, 3rd Avenue East For more information, see the website of Quebec City talk around you, participate in large numbers at public meetings of the City.


Up Green-Blue-White: Public Consultation on May 12 Top

Citizens are invited on May 12, at 19:00, at the Domaine Maizerets , to review the draft and provide comments in order to enrich it to reflect your concerns and needs.

What is the project?
This project aims to provide Québec with a network of natural areas, recreational and heritage connected by bike and walking paths. These areas will be integrated into a set of courses promoting active mobility, physical activity outdoors and the discovery of the territory, in any season.

Promo-Bike will be there and you, the members, there are also welcome! We will be holding a meeting on May 14th, 19h, culture and the environment Frédéric Back Centre to discuss the vision of Promo-Bike vis-à-vis the subject. If you think you are in the consultation, please let us know !

For more information on the consultation, click here .


A workshop bike self-service for the university community (April 2009) Top

The Wheel-free workshop, a cooperative started by two students, will provide a suitable workshop, consulting services and training and thus facilitate the utility cycling.

The cooperative form corresponds to the objectives of the Wheel-free workshop. Indeed, Roue-Libre is intended as a collection of individuals coming together to meet their economic and social needs through a business whose ownership is collective and where power is exercised democratically. The two promoters are master's students in planning and regional development (ATDR). They are especially interested in various issues related to sustainable transport. Pedaling 12 months a year for some time now, they have gained experience in the practice of cycling utility and maintenance.

Located on the campus, the company meets the needs of many cyclists by offering a workshop out of their place of study or work. This prevents them from unnecessary travel associated with maintenance, which increases the competitiveness of the bicycle as mode of transport in daily life. Student target clientele, mostly tenant, rarely has adequate space for simple repairs. Roue-Libre fills this need through workshops adapted in addition to providing low-cost specialized and expensive equipment to purchase.

The services offered to members of the Roue-Libre Workshop come in four parts, namely: a) a friendly workspace and equipped appropriately; b) personal service consulting in workshop; c) various courses (minor repairs, general maintenance, advanced maintenance, wheel alignment, winter cycling, cycling and family, introduction to cycling, nutrition, safety and first aid adapted to the bike) and; d) development of service and minor repairs.

To inform and participate in the development of the cooperative:
Public Meeting Wednesday, April 15, 12 am at the Atrium Pavilion Koninck (Université Laval)


2200 citizens support the bike path on René-Lévesque Boulevard (March 2009) Top

It's done! With the support of thousands of cyclists, Promo-Vélo filed on March 2, at the regular meeting of City Council, a petition of 2,200 signatures supporting the creation of a bike path on René-Lévesque. This is in itself an achievement, because the bike is less a subject discussed during the winter season.

The filing of the petition was partly overshadowed by the media attention that was given to safeguarding the Red Bull Crashed Ice . Nevertheless, the petition echoed in the Executive Council of the City and a consultant to us by his enthusiasm following the craze generated by the project. He described the petition and the recent efforts of the cyclists as a "great achievement". This achievement is primarily yours, which is why we want to again thank you for the support you have given to the "René-Lévesque project."

Among the media coverage, we have a live interview on Info800 at 8:30 Tuesday, March 3 and a capsule on Canal Vox that will air next week (March 9 to 13, 2009). We also invite you to read the articles published following the filing of the petition:

" Petition of 2,200 names for the bike path on René-Lévesque , "published in the newspaper Le Soleil and Cyberpresse.ca , March 3, 2009.

" René-Lévesque bike? "published on Voir.ca , March 3, 2009.


Pedalling for the environment, many people are already doing. By cons, pedal hundreds of kilometers to the environment in the middle of February, that which is not common! From 8 to 11 February 2009, nearly a hundred cyclists climb aboard their mounts to raise awareness about sustainable transport. In addition, they will benefit from their arrival at the Parliament Building in Quebec City to meet with members of the provincial government and propose concrete actions that can improve the efficiency and environmental impact of our transport habits.

" Before it derails! Citizen Action Cycling 2009 ENvironnement JEUnesse "on the site of Issue .


Support for the bike path project on René-Lévesque Boulevard (November 2008) Top

For several months Promo-Bike mobilizes for a bicycle lane born on René-Lévesque. This bike lane for cycling utility structure the cycle network. It will encourage a practice of daily and efficient bike that must find its place in the city network.

Promo-Bike feels that this would include cycling link benefits not only for cyclists, but also for the surrounding businesses. Indeed, of cycling ideally combines with attending local shops, unlike the largest shopping centers in the periphery.

Since it seems crucial to us immediately a significant step in Quebec in favor of a softer and active mobility, Promo-bike chose to circulate a petition that will demonstrate that cyclists give their support to elected officials in implementing the Project cycling link on René-Lévesque.

We invite you to sign the online petition to be filed at the Montcalm neighborhood council shortly.
You can also check the Promo-Bike letter presented to elected and which aims to demonstrate the positive aspects of the project.


Manifestation of 400 wheels for cycling in Quebec (26 September 2008) Top

Friday 26 September was held the manifestation 400 wheels for cycling in Quebec , an unprecedented event in the capital which proved a great success. More than two hundred cyclists of all ages marched on René-Lévesque Boulevard to support the development of a utility cycle network. The sentinels of the road and the Quebec City police were present to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The departure took place at Laval University and the course ended with a rally at D'Youville Square in a festive atmosphere. Protesters also treated to speeches from convinced Jeanne Robin, president of Promo-Bike, and Florent Joerin, event organizer.

The cause which rallied all these demonstrators was the promotion of cycling as a utilitarian means of transport and not just recreational. This was to convince the municipal authorities to develop safe cycling links on the main arteries such as René-Lévesque Boulevard. Without requiring complete replacement of the car, cyclists, however assert that their reserve specific spaces so that they can move in harmony with the other road users.

Thank you to all participants!


Count cyclists on east-west (11 September 2008) Top

Twenty Promo-Vélo members stood up to September 11 dawn to attend the counting activity in the corridor connecting the Old City at Laval University. From 7:15 to 9 am, volunteers rescensé the number of cyclists who use the roads the journey despite the current unfavorable conditions.

The results of the count show that more than 1,600 bikers are moving on the east-west corridor, with a majority of trips taking place on Ste-Foy and René-Lévesque Boulevard. This fact highlights the need to develop a bike lane on one of these streets. René-Lévesque Boulevard seems to be the most realistic choice to accommodate this development. This project has also been the subject of a promise of Mayor Régis Labeaume recently.

So thank you to the volunteers who participated in the counting activity.
A downloadable version of the map of the results is available HERE .


Plan of the cycling network of the City of Québec (November 2007) Top

Last November, the City of Québec finally presented its Plan of the cycling network , subject to a process of public consultations held on 20, 21, 27 and 28 November.

Here is the Promo-Bike position on the master plan: overall, a disappointing document and a botched consultation process. Promo-Bike attended public consultations to defend its position and demand a serious plan that truly meets the needs of cyclists.

Despite the positive elements, the Master Plan of the cycling network presented by the City of Québec gives no real means to meet the problems of cyclists. To understand the Promo-bike position, see the critical review of the Master Plan, the press release, the memory and the summary sheet of Promo-Bike memory.

All the memories and opinions that have been filed in public consultations on the Director of the bicycle network map is posted on the City's website . You will also find at this address all documentation relating to the Blueprint.

You can also consult all the documents of Promo-Bike on this issue in the section Archive . We are still awaiting the report of the consultations conducted by the City.




Opposition to the project to turn right on red (RTOR) in Quebec City (2002) Top

In 2002 Promo-Bike officially pronounced VS " right turn on red "in Quebec, because all studies show definitively that this action causes an increase in accidents and casualties among cyclists, pedestrians and Other users "vulnerable" road network. As cycling organization, we can not support a measure that goes against the safety of cyclists.

The RTOR is "permitted" in Quebec since 13 April 2003. This measure is a "privilege" and not an obligation. So to those for whom security comes before any other consideration, Bicycle Safety, we can wait for the green light before turning right ...

Check all documents relating to this matter in the section Archive .


Accessibility to bike paths and green road (2002) Top

Promo-Bike is in favor of open access and free on bike paths .

This position was defended during the presentation of our memory to: the Permanent Committee on Planning, Traffic and Transportation and the Permanent Commission of Economic Development and Tourism of the Quebec Urban Community (22 April 1998) .

Our members also expressed clear support for the principle of free access to bike paths at general meetings of 1998 and 2002.

In this regard, Promo-Bike is satisfied with the creation of a " maintenance fund "bicycle paths of the Route verte, the Ministry of Transport of Quebec in the summer of 2001. This fund has helped to make accessible and free the majority of the tracks since 1998 that required access rights to cyclists.

Since the official inauguration of the Route verte in 2007, access to bike corridors is free for all, which is a great step forward for cycling.


Parc de la Jacques-Cartier beach Ste-Foy / Quebec (2002) Top

For about five years, bicycles are prohibited, on pain of fine, the Parc de la Jacques-Cartier beach of Sainte-Foy. This follows the adoption by the municipal authorities of that time, regulation "anti-cycling" invoked for reasons of "security." However, dogs helped them remain and have access to the park.

Promo-Bike believes that the current regulation "anti-cycling" is abusive and no justification for security reasons. What we as cyclists, is to be able to walk next to our bike within the park, which is reasonable and legitimate.

Promo-Bike has made ??representations to the town of Ste-Foy , that the regulation be amended. Unfortunately, the city refused any discussion regarding a modification of the anti-cycle regulation.

Today, following the municipal mergers in the framework of the new large city of Quebec, the context has changed. Already in the summer of 2002, we read articles in newspapers, questioning the relevance of the current anti-bicycle regulations, citing possible "harmonization" with our other parks in terms of access. This file is not closed.

Promo-Bike is in favor of amending the current regulation, so that it is now possible for citizens who wish to walk "next to their bicycles" within this park, in this respect and harmony with park users.

Stay tuned in 2003 ...


The Quebec Bridge (2002) Top

The Quebec bridge is the only access "land" for cyclists and pedestrians, between Quebec City and Lévis on the south shore of the St. Lawrence.

Cyclists and pedestrians are confined to a narrow passage about 1 mêtre wide, which is clearly inadequate. For several years, this issue back on the table, but unfortunately nothing has been adjusted to meet the needs of non-motorists users in the region of Quebec.

To Promo-Bike and cyclists, it is important that the relevant authorities work more actively to the development of a proper and safe way of traffic to non-motorists on the bridge of Quebec. The existing sidewalk is not acceptable.

To be continued ...